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The Database of Israeli Military and Security Export (DIMSE) provides data on trade and use of Israeli military, security and police weapons and equipment as well as other services from the year 2000. The Database support searches by Country and by weapons and aims to be a resource for civil society actors seeking information about this industry.

Israel ranks annually among the 10 biggest arms exporters in the world, but does not report regularly to the UN registry on conventional arms, and has not ratifies the Arms Trade Treaty – the international treaty regulating international arms trade. The Israeli domestic legal system does not require transparency on issues on arms trade, and there are currently no legislated human right restrictions on Israeli arms export beyond obeying by UN security council arm embargos.

Due to this public information about Israel’s arms export is extremely limited. While this database does not include all of Israel’s arms exports globally, its aim is to collect and make accessible publicly published information about Israel’s arms export.

DIMSE is provided by the Israeli anti-militarist feminist movement New Profile.


The team of DIMSE hereby likes to thank the human rights activist and lawyer Itay Mack for his work and support.


DIMSE monitors and lists information from open and public sources. Since publicly available information is inadequate for tracking all weapons and other military equipment, DIMSE makes no warranties about the completeness of the data listed, and welcomes submissions from the public, that will then be verified and updated. The Time Period for Arms transfers covered in DIMSE is currently: 2000-2019, and will continue to be updated in the future.

DIMSE covers the supply of weapons through sales, aid, gifts, and manufacturing licenses; DIMSE also covers weapons supplied to non-state actors in armed conflict as well as state actors. DIMSE includes information about a range of military exports. From small arms to large weapon systems, from training to unmanned aerial vehicles and ships. The Database of Israeli Military and Security Export includes military and security training of forces as well as the export of cybersecurity technologies based on the definitions of the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies[1] and the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA)[2]“weapons of war, parts thereof, ammunition, support equipment, and other commodities designed for military use.… Dual-use equipment…when its primary mission is identified as military. The … Continue reading. DIMSE covers conventional weapons only.

The arms transfers listed under ‘Arms Deals Table’ include only information that was verified by internationally accredited research institutes or by cross-verification of multiple reliable sources.

The information contained in the database was last updated on November 1st, 2022.

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While we strive to keep our database up to date and accurate, it should be noted that we cannot guarantee that all of the information available in our database system is up-to-date.  Users are responsible for confirming information received as a result of their use of this tool with other sources.

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2 “weapons of war, parts thereof, ammunition, support equipment, and other commodities designed for military use.… Dual-use equipment…when its primary mission is identified as military. The building of defense production facilities and licensing fees paid as royalties for the production of military equipment.… Military services such as training, supply operations, equipment repair, technical assistance and construction are included where data are available”