Riot Control Vehicle with Water Restraint System

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Riot Control Vehicle with Water Restraint System

General Information

WRS is A high pressure water stream restraining system on anti-riot vehicles produced by the Israeli company Beit Alfa Technologies. High-pressure water is used to restrain protesters at a distance without direct physical contact with security forces.

The vehicle and WRS system allows for the use of the Skunk substance, along with other substances such as water, tear gas, paint, and foam. Chemicals can be injected in the water stream, for example, Oleoresin Capsicum (commonly known as OC or pepper spray) can be automatically injected into the water stream. Options include the injection of Tear Gas and colored or colorless dyes if marking the object is desired.

New version of B.A.Ts riot control vehicles have parallel systems for pumping and dispersing the Skunk substance and other anti-riot substances.

A major selling point of the vehicle is that it is “flexible, adaptable, modular, and tailor made to match customer’s precise requirements.”

Neri Ben-Eliyahu, the company’s business development manager said that Beit Alfa’s armored riot control vehicle is used by more than 25 countries around the world, including Spain, Greece, France, Albania, China, Singapore, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and Chile.[1]A New Model for the Riot Control Vehicle

According to the activist and human rights lawyer Itay Mack, the system was already used against protesters in Chile in 1989. The system has been exported to numerous countries since, including Apartheid South Africa in its late days.[2]The kibbutz that sells riot control weapons to war criminals According to Amnesty international it was used by the Burundi government against protestors in 2015 during an alleged genocide and mass violations of human rights, among them the killing of protesters.[3]BRAVING BULLETS – EXCESSIVE FORCE IN POLICING DEMONSTRATIONS IN BURUNDI/

RCA 900 Riot Control Vehicle (Photo: Beit Alpha)

Use by Israeli Forces

The system was originally designed during the first Intifada to be used to suppress Palestinian protests in less lethal means due to criticism on Israel for use of rubber coated bullets. They are in use by Israeli military forces and Israel police. Riot Control vehicles with WRS and the Skunk are used regularly in the West Bank by Israeli military and police forces against Palestinian protestor and civilians.[4]The army gears up to disperse civilian protests [5]Corporate Mediations of (Less-Lethal) Violence in Israel, Palestine, and Beyond

Israel police use riot control vehicles with WRS against Israeli protesters. The Water Restraint System was used against Jewish Israeli protesters in 2020, that protested against Netanyahu and his government.[6]Israeli police use water cannon at anti-Netanyahu protest

The riot control vehicle with WRS is used in combination with the Skunk substance in many cases by the Israeli army and police in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel. See more here.