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Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions

General Information

Hatehof was renamed Carmor in 2016.[1]Hatehof official/

Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions is an Israeli company, based in the Ziporit industrial park, Nazareth Ilit. Founded in 1947, Carmor is a manufacturer and developer of specialized military and civilian vehicles. The company manufactures armored vehicles, riot control vehicles, tankers, aircraft refuelers, firefighting trucks and military trailers for the transport of tanks. Carmor currently has around 100 employees and provides the required services in-house, such as the design, manufacture, assembly, inspection, professional literature, and cataloging.

In 2018, Carmor unveiled a new lightweight tactical vehicle observer, called Mantis.[2]Israeli defense firm unveils souped-up combat ATV. Carmor stated that the Mantis is like a Lego kit and could serve as anything from reconnaissance and fast attack vehicles to command and control platforms and even self-propelled artillery pieces.[3]This Futuristic ‘Lego-Like’ Vehicle Could Be Anything From Scout To Light Artillery

In 2001, Carmor signed a deal to supply airplane and helicopter refuelers to the Turkish Army. The contract was worth some NIS 28 million.[4]Hatehof Wins Turkish Army Contract In 2015 a $26m deal was signed between the Turkish company BMC for the delivery of armored vehicles.[5]Carmor yearly report 2016

In 2015 the Revenue of Carmor was NIS 244.7 million. Carmor’s parent company is Brand Industries Ltd (Kedma Capital owns 70% of Brand).[6]Kedma Capital Carmor

In 2015 the biggest clients according to an intern report were the Turkish company BMC, The Israeli Ministry for Interior Security, Brazil National Police and the Israeli Ministry of Defense.[7]Carmor yearly report 2016

In 2019 it was reported that Carmor has a debt of 21 million shekel to Israeli banks.[8]Carmor debt In addition to that Camor had as to 2019 a debt of 80 million Shekel to suppliers and shareholders.[9]Globes : The Reason for the Carmor fail

In June the company entered

Use by Israeli Forces

Carmor is a major supplier to the Israeli army and police. It supplied riot control vehicles for the Israeli Police.[10]Hatehof completed the first delivery of the next generation RCV to the Israeli Police

During the Second Intifada, Carmor (formerly Hatehof), Rafael ِAdvanced Defense Systems and the Israeli army, jointly developed the Wolf (Zeev in Hebrew), a 4×4 wheeled armored personal carrier for urban warfare. The Wolf has been operational in the Israeli Army since 20051 and has become one of the main vehicles in use by the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territory.

It was used in different military operations in Gaza, as the 2014 operation “Cast Lead”.[11]Mako : the Wheels of Zuk Eitan