Introduction There have been unconfirmed reports of Israeli weapons sales and training to Rwanda beginning in 1990. It is believed that Israel supplied weapons to the Hutus who committed that genocide but Israel’s Supreme Court denied a request to release information regarding Israel’s role in the genocide. Today Israel and Rwanda hold close security relations, […]


Introduction Israel and Uganda keep close bilateral cooperation, that includes among others agriculture, postharvest technology, water management, military and homeland security. Israel supplied Uganda with artillery, mortars, rifles, surveillance systems and the upgrade of older fighter jets. Also training of Ugandan forces by Israel was documented. Different reports show that Israeli companies sold surveillance programs […]

South Sudan

Introduction Israel made hefty investments in civil and military infrastructure in South Sudan. Since South Sudan’s independence in 2011, Israel has continuously sold weapons, surveillance technology and provided military training and security to South Sudan, although the U.S. and U.N. passed an arms embargo on the country. There is evidence that Israeli assault rifles in […]

South Africa

Introduction Israel has been an important supplier of arms and military technology for South Africa since 1977, when it refused to abide by the arms embargo on South Africa during the Apartheid. Since the year 2000 Israel arms export to South Africa includes mainly radar systems, aircraft pods, riot vehicles and cyber security services. Israel […]


Introduction Israel and Morocco keep cooperation in agriculture, tourism and security. In 2020 the two countries signed a normalization deal. Security cooperation between Morocco and Israel involves the exchange of intelligence information, the trade of weapons and cyber technologies and joint meeting and exercises. Since 2013, the Moroccan Air Force has acquired Heron drones, Barak […]


Introduction Israel and Kenya have been keeping close diplomatic, economic, and military relations since 1963. Israel sold Kenya a considerable number of arms and military know-how. Hundreds of Kenyan soldiers have received training by Israel. An agreement on Cooperation in Public Security Issues exists between the countries and they are cooperating closely in fields of […]

Equatorial Guinea

Introduction Israel supplied Equatorial Guinea with arms in different deals estimated with more than $100m. Supplied were patrol and missile boats, surveillance systems and rifles. Authorities in Equatorial Guinea must halt decades of human rights violations and abuses including torture, arbitrary detentions and unlawful killings. Also Corruption, poverty, and repression continue to plague Equatorial Guinea […]

Cote d’Ivoire

Introduction Israel provided Côte d’Ivoire aid in fields of military, agriculture and health since 1962. After a civil war broke out in Côte d’Ivoire in 200 and despite an international arms-embargo there is evidence, that Israeli arms and equipment was supplied to the country. Among others, drones, rifles, night vision devices and surveillance technology were […]


Introduction Israel’s main influence in the Cameroonian military is through the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), a controversial unit that uses Israeli weaponry and has continuously been overseen by former IDF officers. Israel’s most recent arms sales have been the trade of armored vehicles that have been used by the army and the presidential guard. Israel […]


Introduction Israel, which keeps diplomatic and economic ties with Angola, has supplied Angolan forces with arms and military training since the 1960s, during the Angolan War of Independence. Angola purchased among others helicopters, patrol boats and rifles from Israel. Israel-Angola Relations Angola established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992.[1]Human Rights Watch Report- ANGOLA: ARMS TRADE […]