Introduction Israel and Uzbekistan hold economic, educational, scientific and military relations. Israel reportedly sold drones, small arms and spyware to Uzbekistan. Israel – Uzbekistan Relations Uzbekistan has long had a relatively strong relationship with the state of Israel. Israel was one of the first countries to recognize Uzbekistan after the dissolution of the USSR.[1]Enjoying good […]


Introduction Since 2015, Vietnam has become one of the 5 largest importers of Israeli arms. Israel and Vietnam hold close economic and military relations. Israel exported among others drones, missiles and rifles to Vietnam. Israel-Vietnam Relations Vietnam and Israel established diplomatic relations on July 12, 1993, followed by Israel opening its resident embassy in Hanoi […]

United Arab Emirates

Introduction In 2020 a normalization agreement was signed between Israel and the UAE, establishing official diplomatic relations between the countries for the first time. That said, since 2007 Israeli cyber and security companies have been operating in different ways in the UAE. Since the agreement, Israel and the UAE have conducted close official military ties […]


Introduction Israel and Turkey maintened close and economic and military ties between the 1990s and 2011. Israel exported among others tanks, drones, missiles and radars to Turkey. In 2022 Israel and Turkey improved relations with new economic and aviation agreements. Israel – Turkey Relations Turkey was the first Muslim-majority country to recognize the state of […]


Introduction Israel and Thailand have had close economic, diplomatic and military relations since the 1950s. Israel exported to Thailand a big variety of arms including aircrafts, drones, towed guns, rifles, missiles and radars. Israel is a major arms exporter to Israel and according to Sipri, among the 10 major arms suppliers for Thailand between 2000-2020. […]

Sri Lanka

Introduction Israel and Sri Lanka keep strong diplomatic, economic and military ties. Israel’s arms export to Sri Lanka includes among others Kfir fighter jets, patrol ships, missile boats, drones and anti-ship missiles. Israeli arms, including air and maritime vehicles were actively used in the Sri Lankan Civil war against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and were […]

South Korea

Introduction Israel and South Korea enjoy a thriving arms trade and strong diplomatic relationship. After tension over a contract that was awarded to Italy over South Korea 2012, arms trade has continued consistently since. Deals have mainly been for missiles, drones, and radars. Israel-South Korea Relations Israel and South Korea initiated diplomatic relations in 1962 […]


Introduction The military, intelligence and security ties between Singapore and Israel are very close, to the extent that over five decades Singapore has become a very important market for Israel’s military industries not only in Southeast Asia but on a global level, and a partner in joint research and development ventures of advanced weapon systems. […]

Saudi Arabia

Introduction While there are officially no diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, in recent years Saudi has used Israeli spyware against critical journalists and human rights defenders, and relations between the two countries are slowly strengthening. Israel – Saudi Relations Historically, Saudi was part of the Arab boycott of Israel, as well as lead […]


Introduction Israel and Russia maintain close economic relations with $5 billion worth trade between the two countries in 2019. Military relations are less significant and rely mostly on operational coordination and less on the supply of arms. In 2010 Russia and Israel signed a five-year military agreement. Russia mainly acquired drones from Israel, including the […]