Introduction Brazil has the largest defense budget in South America and is a key buyer of Israeli weapons and military technology. During the period 2010-2019, Brazil ranked 7th in terms of receipt of Israel weapons exports, that included fighter jets, drones and missiles. Also military and security training was supplied to Brazil by Israel. Israel […]


Introduction The U.S. and Israel are engaged in extensive strategic, political and military cooperation, that includes American supply of arms, intelligence sharing and joint military exercises. Close cooperation was also recorded in the sectors of cyber security and homeland security. 14% of Israeli arms export between 2014-2018 went to the U.S. It includes among others […]


Introduction Israel and Nicaragua hold diplomatic and economic relations. Israel sold aircrafts and missiles to Nicaragua between in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2018 it was reported that Nicaragua purchased espionage and intelligence-gathering software from a private Israeli company. Israel – Nicaragua Relations Nicaragua recognized Israel in 1948, but its relationship started prior to that, […]


Introduction Over the past two decades, Israel has exported hundreds of millions of Dollars worth of military equipment to Mexico, including various types of drones, naval battle ships, missiles and over 23,000 small arms. Mexico is also a major buyer and user of Israeli spying and surveillance technologies. Mexico was the first country whose misuse […]


Introduction Canada and Israel maintain close cooperation in areas of Industry, Research and Development, Security and Military. Few economic and diplomatic agreements were signed between the two countries and joint institutions and forums were established. Israel supplied Canada with a wide range of arms. Among others drones, radars, surveillance systems, prison security systems and cyber […]


Introduction Australia and Israel established strong economic and military relations. Beside of bilateral agreements and advanced cooperation on national security, defense and cyber security, Israel exported to Australia army equipment, missiles, battle management systems, air and ground vehicles and cyber-security systems and training.  Israel – Australia Relations Australia and Israel established bilateral relations in 1949.  […]


Introduction Israel and Spain maintain close economic and military relations. Israel has exported to Spain a large amount of military equipment, weapons, security technology and military training since the 1990s. Israel and Spain have also close ties in matters of military Research & Development. Israeli arms are also manufactured in Spain with Israeli licenses. Israel […]


Introduction Israel and Netherlands maintain close diplomatic, economic, and military relations. The Netherlands, being one of the largest trading partners for Israel, imported goods from Israel worth $2,2b in 2018. Israel exported a wide variety of arms to the Netherlands between 2000-2019, including drones, air-to-ground missiles, battle management systems and Reccelite systems. The two countries […]


Introduction Israel and Italy maintain close ties in the fields of diplomacy, trade, science (research and development), technology and security. Italy is Israel’s third largest and Israel is Italy’s 5th largest supplier of Arms in 2020. Italy and Israel conducted dozens of arms deals, many of them being reciprocal agreements. Israeli and Italian military forces […]


Introduction Israel and Ireland keep close economic and military ties. Beside of a number of trade and R&D agreements the two countries established the IBBN, that develops bilateral investment. In 2018 Israel’s exports to Ireland were worth $114m. Ireland has bought €14.7m worth of arms and military components from Israel between 2006-2016, including artillery control […]