Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Countries that Rafael exported to:

Also Operates in:
Belgium, Croatia, Ethiopia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia

Main Products:

Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Drone Dome, Iron Beam, Python, I-Derby, Spice, Sparrow, Sky Shield, Trophy, Thypoon, Litening, Popeye,

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Rafael was founded as Israel’s National R&D Defense Laboratory for the development of weapons and military technology within the Israeli Ministry of Defense. in 2002 it was incorporated as a limited company. Rafael is a Israeli government-owned company, based in Haifa, Israel. Rafael develops and produces weapons, military, and defense technologies for the Israeli army and for export abroad.

Rafael developed and manufactured among others: SPYDER Defense System, THROPY protection system, SPICE Air-to-Surface systems, Spike ATGMs, Iron Dome and many guided missiles and advanced communication systems.

Rafael inaugurated a new production brach in city of Shlomi, alongs Israel’s border with Lebanon in 2021. They also doubled their activity and operations in the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva branches.[1]Rafael concludes FY 2021 with net profit of $133 million

Rafael is the largest employer in Northern Israel with approximately 8,000 employees and numerous subcontractors and service suppliers. Rafael is Israel’s second largest state owned defense company, with a 2021 total of $3 billion in sales and a net profit of $133 million. In 2021 Rafael registered over $4.7 billion in orders. It incorporated the financial reports of its subsidiaries Aeronautics and Controp.[2]Rafael concludes FY 2021 with net profit of $133 million

Rafael maintains a special contact with the Israeli army. In 2019 half of Rafael’s sales were to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.[3]Rafael 2019 – Half of sales to IMOD

Rafael exports arms all over the world. One significant customer is India, who purchased Rafael-made Space-2000 guidance kits, “Spike” anti-tank missiles and missile launchers and even has production facilities in India.[4]Israeli Defense Contractor Rafael Opens New Facility in India Arms were also sold to the Philippines, UAE, Myanmar, Colombia, Singapore and many more.

Rafael employs people in Israel, the US, the UK, South-Korea, Australia, Brazil and Thailand.[5]Israeli Defense Contractor Rafael Opens New Facility in India

Acquisitions / Subsidiaries

  • 33 in total.
    • Aeronautics Defense Systems (2019 – for $240m), Kanfit (2019), Visionmap (2016), MPrest (2010), Accubeat, Cielo, Capital Nature, Controp, Gal-El, Opgal, Shilat Optronics, Rafsec, R2S, RSGS, DND, Ercas, EuroSpike, Pap Tecnos, ARC, BVI, Pinetelecom, RAS, VRA Systems, SightX (2020), Amarel, Magal, Commtact
  • Rafael USA, Rafael Brazil, Rafaels India Liasion Office, Rafael Australia

Rafael Development Corporation (RDC), a technology transfer company of Rafael, was established as a joint venture with Elron Electronic Industries.

In 2019 Rafael acquired Aeronautics Ltd[6]RAFAEL enters unmanned aerial platform domain with acquisition of Aeronautics, one of Israel’s leading developers of unmanned aerial systems for $240 million and the Israeli aerospace engineering company Kanfit Ltd.[7]Rafael Buys 50% Stake in Aerospace Engineering Company Kanfit

Yuval Har-Even, Rafaels CEO, revealed that the company is considering full production of the Iron Dome in the US by Raytheon. In 2020 the two companies formed a joint venture called R2S, for production of the Iron Dome’s Sky Hunter interceptors in the US.[8]Rafael CEO: Israeli Firm Plans US Expansion EXCLUSIVE

In 2020 Rafael signed a landmark agreement with the UAE tech firm – Group 42, specializing in artificial intelligence, to research and develop equipment and solutions to tackle the coronavirus, according to media reports.[9]Group 42 joins forces with Israeli Rafael and IAI to defeat Covid-19 The company has been linked with DarkMatter, a shadowy UAE tech company whose hacking unit targeted Emirati activists around the world.[10] HOW THE UAE IS RECRUITING HACKERS TO CREATE THE PERFECT SURVEILLANCE STATE

In 2020 Rafael formed a joint company with the Israeli company Anyvision based on the latter’s defense activities for the development of advanced detection and tracking technologies. Anyvision developes facial recognition technologies. The new company is called SightX and is jointly owned by Rafael and Anyvision shareholders (50%-50%).[11]Rafael enters the computer vision market, in talks to launch joint defense company with AnyVision [12]SightX to Advance AI Expertise In December 2020 SightX announced the development of mini UAVs that will use AI-recognition technology to spot armed persons inside of buildings.[13]Rafael showcases drones that operate inside building with AI Rafael organized a demonstration of the technology, including commercial drones and a dog-like robot, shown to defense and security clients from around the world.[14]Rafael showcases drones that operate inside building with AI

In 2022, Rafael has completed the acquisition of PVP Advanced EO Systems, Inc.[15]RAFAEL ACQUIRES U.S. BASED PVP AEO AS PART OF STRATEGIC EXPANSION IN THE UNITED STATES

Also in 2022, Rafael has completed the acquisition of the British defense specialist company Pearson Engineering Ltd. The acquisition was executed under a stock purchase agreement (SPA), transferring 100% of the ownership. The acquisition includes Pearson’s metalworks subsidiary company Responsive Engineering Ltd.[16]Israel’s Rafael Acquires British Land Systems’ Specialist Pearson Engineering

Rafael’s Divisions

  • Air & Missile Defense Systems Division
  • David’s Sling – an air defense system designed to intercept medium range missiles. Developed in cooperation with Raytheon USA.
  • Iron Dome – an air defense system for interception of short-medium range rockets.
  • Air and C4ISR Division
  • Land and Naval Systems Division
  • Manor and Technologies – develops rocket motors, warheads and pyrotechnics, and naval decoys.
  • R&D and Engineering Division
  • Ordnance and National Infrastructure Division
  • Operations Division